FMProC registration for the 2023 CaRMS R1 cycle is now closed.
Please refer to the resources below for more information about test format and sample questions.
Information document
FMProC Information Video

(Please note - This is a hard deadline. No requests to access the test after this deadline will be considered).

Please note you can decide when to access the 60-minute test during this window. You do not need to pre-book any specific time or date…its completely up to you when you do this but we suggest not leaving the test until the last minute. You will need a device with reliable internet access and an enabled camera.

Some frequently asked questions at this point:
Which version do I sit? Unless you have been approved for an accommodation, you will sit the 60-minute version of the test.
Do I receive any confirmation of completion? Once you have completed the test and exited (hopefully after completing the evaluation) you will not receive any confirmation. Exiting the test upon completion is all that's required.
What if I received a “suspicious activity” flag during the test? Don’t worry! We will review all flags once the test window closes and unless you hear form us, your test score will stand. If you have provided some details on what might’ve happened, that's helpful but not essential.
When do I receive my score? We should be sending scores out around February 1.

This test is a mandatory requirement for all Canadian Medical Graduates(CMGs) and International Medical Graduates(IMGs) applying to any one of the following Family Medicine Residency Programs in the 1st round of the 2023 CaRMS selection cycle:

 University of Calgary
 University of Alberta
 University of Montreal
 University of Ottawa
 McMaster University
 Queen’s University
 Western University
 Dalhousie University
 Northern Ontario School of Medicine
 University of Toronto
 Memorial University of Newfoundland
 University of British Columbia
 University of Saskatchewan

What happens after I register?
You will receive a confirmation email. If you don’t receive this, please first check your SPAM/Junk Mail folders.
Again, please take time to check the CaRMS ID you have submitted is correct.
You will also be sent a separate invitation to complete a short(<5 mins), anonymous demographic survey as part of a research project we are conducting to ensure the test is fair to all groups of applicants. There will also be an invitation to complete an even shorter anonymous, post-test evaluation, once you have completed the test.
Once you have registered, apart from receiving the invitation to complete the demographic survey and the registration confirmation email, you will not receive any more communication from us until a few days before the test window is due to open when you will receive the link to the test and some final information and instructions.

Who do I contact if I need help?
Please note all the information provided in the links above. If you still need help, please email

Good luck in your application for Family Medicine Residency training!